Home Protection Crystal Set - Large/Selenite Soul4

🗝  🏡  ❤️  Our "Selenite Soul" with 4" selenite bowl is a Home Protection Crystal Set curated with mindfulness to energize and protect your sacred space.
💫  Use this new home crystal set to remove negative vibes and encourage sparkling clear new energy.  Bring love and kindness into your life and home.  A great closing gift, housewarming gift, or something special for yourself!  Crystals are from our premium crystal collection.

💙 Our crystals and gemstones have been ethically-mined and free-trade.
Selenite Soul Collection Crystal Set w/4" Selenite Bowl + Stand:
✨ Rose Quartz ~ stone of love.  Place it prominently to encourage an environment of love & kindness
✨ Citrine (yellow) ~ when placed on a window ledge, encourages joy into the home with the radiating sunshine
✨ African Turquoise (green/blue with black speckles) ~ protect and amplify balanced vibes of harmony
✨ 4” Amethyst Crystal Cluster ~ helps create a peaceful atmosphere, bring calm and rest to your sleep
✨ Sodalite (blue) - known as the poet's stone, creativity shines bright in its presence
✨ Labradorite (steel grey with hints of blue flash) - is thought to bring a newness to a space specially during times of transition
✨ Selenite Bowl 4" + hand-carved wooden stand ~ considered an energy recharging stone, place other crystals inside to give them a little recharge.  Plus they look so pretty displayed in here!

🗝  Stylish key charm on a heart clasp.  Great for keychains, notebooks, etc. 

~ Crystal information card to remind you of the manifestation or healing properties of each crystal gemstone

~ Beautifully gift boxed for ease of giving!

* Props not included.  All items in gift are displayed in the image of the open box.

** Because crystals and gemstones are gifts from Mother Earth, no two are the same and may not be exactly as pictured in the listing.  Be assured...they're all beautiful.  

🌎   🌍  💫  Your purchase has a purpose! 

It helps endangered species, rescue animals, nature & conservation initiatives and humans who need a little lift up!  A portion of your purchase will support one of our world-class charities and we thank you for your kindness!