Crystals For Success

✨  This set of crystals for success is the perfect mindful gift or keep it for yourself!  From our premium crystal collection, these are beautiful, ethical and spiritual gifts from Mother Earth.  Such a unique heartfelt gift for any occasion.  This crystal set was specially chosen for their individual intentions and were cleansed by the loving glow of the moonlight.

💙  Our crystals and gemstones have been ethically-mined and represent fair trade. 

* Add on cute 3" selenite recharging and display bowl for $30 - in drop down box.  These are a huge hit with our corporate clients! 

What can you do with crystals and gemstones?

- Use them as pocket stones or worry stones 

- On your yoga mat to set and focus on your intention

- Place on a crystal grid

- Use as a manifestation tool

- Embrace their healing properties *

- Desk, nightstand, purse, backpack, vehicle, or anywhere you want to connect to their energy!  


✨ Onyx (black) ~ gives strength in difficult circumstances

✨ Carnelian (orange) ~ vibrant motivator, helping to eliminate procrastination

✨ Citrine (yellow) - enhances motivation and stimulates creativity

✨ African Turquoise (green/blue/black speckles) ~ provides confidence with self-expression and protects against negativity


~ 4 premium crystal gemstones to represent Success.  Please remember that these are gifts from the earth, some of which are hand-carved and the pictures on the listings are just a representation of the gems chosen for each order.  If a crystal is under 10 mm I will send you 2.  

~ drawstring bag to keep your crystals safe

- cute heart charm on heart clasp - use it as a notebook charm or on a keychain - decide.

 ~ Crystal information card to remind you of the manifestation or healing properties of each crystal gemstone

* Props not included.  All items in gift are displayed in image #1.

** Because crystals and gemstones are gifts from Mother Earth, no two are the same and may not be exactly as pictured in the listing.  Be assured...they're all beautiful.

🌎   🌍  💫  Your purchase has a purpose!

It helps endangered species, rescue animals, nature & conservation initiatives and humans who need a little lift up!  A portion of your purchase will support one of our world-class charities and we thank you for your kindness!