Our Story

An artist, jewelry designer and entrepreneur...oh and lover of rocks, crystals, and fossils! 

Having been part of a previous successful gemstone venture, I couldn't get these rocks out of my head and thus Rose Gold Moon was born! And after years bringing great gifts to the corporate client gifting/promotional industry, it was time to open up shop because there's "always a crystal for that".

We collaborate with corporate clients and charities to curate special collections exclusive to you.  From design, to sourcing to putting the products in your hands, we do it all.  We make sure you have the perfect closing gift, bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors, thank you gifts, etc. that help you stay top-of-mind.  Conversations and idea-sharing are always free ~ reach out and let’s chat.  

 If you can relate to: 11:11 or you're Just a Girl Who Loves Crystals or You Have More Crystals than Friends...well, it’s crystal clear you’re in the right place!  

I hope you find something that makes your heart sing!

 ~ Joan Smith